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Red River Tea Party to merge with
We The People of NW Louisiana

We on the Red River Tea Party board would like to start out by thanking everyone who has been regularly involved in this group at some point in time, and especially those who have been with us the whole time since the group was first formed back in early 2009.  It has been almost 5 turbulent years full of ups and downs for the Tea Party movement, our state, and our nation.  But the fact of the matter is that our group has had some unpredictable and very poor turnout at several of our meetings over the past two years.  Our last meeting of 2014 was particularly embarrassing in which 3 local candidates for office had been invited to present their candidacy and only a handful of people showed up.  Most of the RRTP board members who have stayed actively involved these last few years are also involved in We The People of Northwest Louisiana Tea Party, and their group has been thriving as of late, both in activity and attendance.  So we on the RRTP board have decided that our group has served its purpose, and it is time to close it down as a separate entity from We The People, and to officially call for a merger of our two groups.  The current leadership of We The People has gladly accepted this proposal, and welcomes all current members of Red River Tea Party who are not already involved to become so.

Please rest assured that this decision is NOT due to either of the following:

a.) The dying out of the Tea Party movement in NW Louisiana - Not true!  Anyone who says that the Tea Party movement in Louisiana is dead or dying is either not paying attention or is an agent of disinformation for our political opponents in both major parties.  Those who have continued to stay involved in the Tea Party movement can testify that in this part of the state it is very much alive and thriving in many more ways than before.  The Louisiana Power Coalition was conceived, formed and put into action largely through the hard work and grassroots activism of several key members in We The People (WTP) after the overall concept was suggested to them by one of our local elected officials (Alan Seabaugh) at a WTP meeting a few years ago.

b.) The election of a Republican majority in the Senate - As we said right after the elections, our ultimate end game has never been to see a majority or even a supermajority of Republicans get elected in the Senate and/or House, or for Republicans to take the White House.  While it may seem like a distant memory now, the Republican Party has not only held a majority in the Senate before, but has held a majority in the Senate as high as 55 seats just as recently as 2004, along with a slim 3 seat majority in the House at the same time, and they not only failed to stand up to the big government expansionism proposed by George W. Bush, but they also failed miserably to come up with any significant proposals to roll back big government, and ended up in just 4 short years losing 51 seats in the House and 14 seats in the Senate, thus empowering a supermajority of Democrats to pass, among other things, the Obamacare and Dodd/Frank legislative monstrosities.  The current Republican leadership is a total disgrace when it comes to following through on any of the campaign promises that successful Republican House and Senate candidates made during the elections that were just held, such as the promise to oppose Obama's executive amnesty.  No, a Republican Majority in both Houses does not mean that what we want to see happen on the national level is any more of a guarantee.  It only means that it has changed from no possibility whatsoever under the Democrats to a very small possibility, with much work on our part, under the Republicans.

So what happens now?

a.) The constitution classes will continue to be held at the Clarion Church on fourth Thursday as often as possible and whenever it is a convenient time for us to do so and not on or too close to a major holiday.  We apologize for the cancellation of the December class due to the rare occurrence of a schedule conflict with one of the Clarion Church's weekday events which are not usually held on Thursdays.  We did not hold a class in January due to the impending merger, but will resume with our next class on February 26, assuming the continued availability of our regular venue at the Clarion Church.

b.) Anyone who is currently on the RRTP mailing list and has opened at least one email last year will be transferred over to the We The People mailing list (if you are not already on it).  Anyone who does not wish to be transferred to the WTP mailing list needs to unsubscribe from the RRTP mailing list within the next few weeks.

c.) The RRTP email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts will be closed down eventually...assuming the Login information of each account is known to at least one of the former board members.  As you can see, this website is in the process of being converted over to We The People.  Please note the new primary domain address - - and update your bookmarks accordingly.  We'll also try to get some of the really old information on this site up to date as soon as possible.

We hope you all will join us in thanking Royal Alexander and all the early RRTP board members who did the hard work in setting up this group, organizing all of the rallies during the early years, and for being the general launching pad for all of the grassroots conservative activism in this area that has followed.  The Rev. C. L. Bryant got his start as a conservative icon for patriotic Americans of all skin colors at one of the first RRTP rallies here in Shreveport.  It is essential for the future of our country and posterity that we not lose heart or stop fighting to restore the values that our country was founded on and the original vision of our founders for a country based on true freedom (with responsibility) and a limited government whose sole purpose and duty is to maintain the safety of its citizenry and the protection of their unalienable God-given rights as laid out in our founding documents.  The time may come when we feel that the only way to make long term progress in our overall goals is to form a new (or join an existing) third political party.  Most in the Louisiana Tea Party leadership who have continued to stay involved probably do not believe that time has come just yet.  But if the Republican Party fails once again to take this opportunity that has been handed to them (i.e. with the largest collective majority in both houses in most of our lifetimes), and continues to refuse to make any meaningful stand against the aggressive liberal leftist radicalism that has seized the Democrat Party and its current occupant in the White House, then the time for serious consideration of a third party may be upon us soon if enough of the right people in positions of leadership around the country are willing to get on board and support such a move.

Regular meeting times for We The People are 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, and typically (unless announced otherwise) at our headquarters at MediaStar Entertainment on 1258 Dalzell Street in Shreveport.  Meetings generally start at 6:00 PM, with the speaker usually being available for a meet and greet from 5:30 to 6:00.  The next meeting will be held on Feb 10.  We hope to see you there.  Please stay involved and keep those fires of liberty fire burning strong.

Constitution Class
Next one March 26

We will be holding our Constitution Class on the fourth Thursday of every month, with some exceptions for months when holiday scheduling will clash with our normal schedule, like Thanksgiving & Christmas.  It will be in the Fellowship Hall of The Clarion Church (9000 E. Kings Highway, Shreveport 71115), which is the former LSUS University Worship Center.  The Clarion Church is renting the building and apparently has not been granted permission to replace the original sign, so they only have a small yard sign identifying their church which is placed below the original unaltered sign for University Worship Center.  Traveling south on E. Kings Highway, past the LSUS ball fields and Orleans Square Apartments on the west side of the street, look for the white church building.  Parking is in the back, and the driveway in is a small one next to the mailbox.  They share parking with the Montessori School, but the school day is well finished by 6:00, so we should have the parking lot to ourselves and any other groups who may happen to be using the church building at the same time.

Our classes will be based on the lectures of Hillsdale College's Constitution 101 series, which were conducted by Hillsdale in 2012 as a public service and made available free of charge to all who registered at that time.  This course remains posted on YouTube, so if you miss a class, it's not difficult to view the session that you missed on your computer at home before coming to the next class.  What makes Hillsdale's Constitution 101 course unique is that they have a very affordable textbook that goes along with it - The U.S. Constitution: A Reader.  The book is composed of original documents and writings by our founding fathers, both in favor of and against the original U.S. Constitution so that an informed and balanced view of the range of opinions and issues discussed during the time leading up to and after the adoption of our founding documents can be seen.  Print copies of the textbook are still available on Hilldale's website for $30 + shipping, but the complete contents of the book can also be viewed free of charge.  Most of the documents should be easy to find elsewhere on the internet, as well.  See the following links for more information:

Main site for textbook -
[click "Buy the Print Version" ribbon to buy a hard copy from Hillsdale's store]
[click "Launch The Reader" (red) button to read any part of the book online free of charge]

Course Readings (syllabus) -
(At the March 26 class, we will be showing the Week 5 Session, "Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government" with Professor Will Morrisey.)

We hope to see you at the next class.  Keep the fires of liberty burning, Patriots.


       If you have questions or want to volunteer, please send an
email to


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